What Happens At The End Of A Tenancy Agreement

What Happens At The End Of A Tenancy Agreement

Check your lease to see if you need to have the property professionally cleaned. Contact the nearest citizen advice service before deciding to leave your rental prematurely. They can inform you of your notification options in the right way so you can avoid problems when looking for a new home. However, there are two situations where a tenant can continue to stay in the rental unit without signing a new lease. The first is when the original lease contains a provision that allows the tenancy to be extended after the lease expires without notice. If the tenant decides to stay, the rental becomes a periodic rental. The second situation is when a tenant continues to live in the rental property after the end of the lease and the landlord continues to rent. In this situation, the fixed-term lease becomes a periodic lease. This period is the “term” of the rental. If the duration is specified in the lease, it is customary to refer to the contract as a “fixed term” because this will be the principle for a certain period of time.

This usually applies for six months or a year. It may be less common for other periods. If your contract says it starts on a certain date and ends on another date, you probably don`t need to give written notice to your landlord. Indeed, the lease is for a fixed period and does not contain any reference to a periodic lease slipping after the expiry of the fixed term. It`s a pretty simple thing, but shouldn`t be arranged until you`ve completely moved and the lease hasn`t expired. Ideally, cancel your withdrawal the next business day after the move, just so you don`t pay another month`s rent without food. The situation is different if the tenants live in the property. However, unless a contractual periodic rental has been established (see below), the rental always ends at midnight on the last day of the limited time. If your rental period runs from the 4th of each month to the 3rd of the following month, it would mean: One of the advantages of contractual periodic rentals is that you can specify the duration of your periodic rental, which creates security.

1 month notice period if your rental runs from one month to the next. Check if your lease says anything about how you should cancel. If he doesn`t say anything, cancel by writing a letter to your landlord. A periodic tenancy is tied to how often you pay your rent, so if you pay monthly, your lease will be replenished monthly. You will continue to live in the property under the same conditions as before. It`s always best to communicate your plans with the owner and not just jump on them! We always recommend mutual agreements whenever possible, as they work better for both parties. If your lease expires and you live in the property without a new contract being concluded, the lease will automatically continue on the “periodic lease”. They can be more easily evicted from a periodic rental, but the landlord has to go through the legal process and it takes time. Contact the nearest citizen advice service if you have a weekly rental – the rules for the day your termination is due to end are different. Whatever your situation, you feel it`s the right time to end your current tenancy and move elsewhere.


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